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Relax, as much as you like, with one of our treatments:

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Couples massage

Perfect for those who want to have a relaxing and romantic experience with their soul mate.

It allows the couple to get more and more in tune, creating a unique intimacy.

Upon request, we can create tailor-made wellness programs, to accompany you from the aperitif to dinner on our enchanting terrace.

Rituale di coppia

E' un vero e proprio rituale che permette di condividere con il Partner l'esperienza di un massaggio rilassante e coinvolgente.

Il rituale inizia con la Cerimonia del The o di bevande a vostro piacere, immersi in un'atmosfera accogliente creata per voi: godrete di silenzio e intimità, circondati da luci soffuse, suoni ed aromi rilassanti, lasciando così che corpo e mente si distacchino dal mondo reale.

Al momento prescelto vi inviteremo nella nostra Suite Alkimia dove, partendo dal massaggio plantare e risalendo tutto il corpo, vivrete uno stato di benessere mai provato prima.

Durata minima: 90 minuti

Costo: a partire da 140€

Rituale "Unione Profonda"

L'offerta include:

  • Aperitivo nella nostra Terrazza
  • Massaggio Emozionale per due
  • Pernottamento in Suite doppia con vista città

Durata minima: 180 min.

Costo: a partire da 250€

Weekend Romantico nella Suite Wellness

L'offerta include:

  • Aperitivo nella nostra Terrazza
  • Massaggio Emozionale per due
  • Cena romantica a lume di candela (clicka per vedere il menu)
  • Pernottamento in Suite doppia con vista città

Possibili servizi extra: fiori in camera, champagne, frutta fresca, check-out posticipato.

Durata minima: 1 giorno

Costo: a partire da 320€

Thai Oil Massage

Unlike the therapeutic and deep techniques of the Traditional Thai Massage performed on the Futon, the Thai Oil Massage is performed on the bed with the use of delicately scented warm oil.

This soft and relaxing treatment is particularly suitable for stressed people who want to improve their sleep.

When you receive this relaxing massage, a gentle river of energy flows through you.

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Detailed description of the Treatment

Thai Oil Massage relieves back pain, muscle aches, joint problems, improves blood circulation, activates the lymphatic system, strengthens the immune system. It harmonizes, heals, strengthens the body, and provides perfect relaxation.

60 min 90€

90 min 130€

Relaxing Californian massage

Pleasant and enveloping treatment that involves the whole body.

The soft lights, the warm oil and the soft and delicate touch will give you an extremely relaxing sensory experience.

It is particularly suitable for those who are experiencing a stressful situation.

It will help you find serenity, balance and harmony between body and mind.

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Detailed description of the Treatment

More than any other massage, the Californian Massage emphasizes the concept of 'contact.' From the beginning to the end, the hands never leave the person, giving a beautiful feeling of protection, comfort, and providing a unique sense of serenity and inner peace

50 min 70€

90 min 100€

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About Us

Alkimia is not only a holistic studio located in the heart of the historic center, but it is also an exclusive place to experience intimate moments, alone or in company, pampering both body and soul...

Just as a chef puts experience, creativity, and a touch of madness into the preparation of their dish to amaze even the most demanding palates, we too put all of our knowledge into action to help you relax.

If you are a couple, we will make you rejoice together!

You don't need to 
bring anything...
except your smile :-)

Each treatment includes

a personal kit with:

  • disposable briefs
  • slippers
  • shiwer towel
  • bathrobe

and post-treatment relaxing tea or herbal tea.

Alkimia is a Mix...

Alkimia is a blend of various ingredients that, combined with experience, the desire to seek new solutions, and the use of high-quality products, leads to an excellent result that will stay with you in your heart...


to offer you all the comforts

you desire.


to ensure maximum

privacy and security.

We are under the Two Towers!

If you live or work in the center of Bologna
you can reach us on foot in a few minutes.

Find us next to the Apple Store,

Via Caduti di Cefalonia 2.

Frequently asked questions

How to make a Gift Card?

Click on the link to purchase the gift card, enter the amount to be gifted without specifying the type of massage, and enter your details. If you want to let the recipient know who the gift is from and its price, check the box 'This gift card is for someone else.'

How to use the Gift Card?

By calling Tatiana at +39 351 8761372, you can schedule the appointments and treatments included in the gift card. The gift card is valid for 1 year, and you can change the included treatment at your discretion.

Is it necessary to book?

Yes, reservations are required.

You can contact us at (+39) 3518761372 or by email at

How to book the massage or treatment?

After confirming the date and time of the appointment (via phone: +39 351 8761372 or via WhatsApp), you must make the purchase through the link provided for each treatment or massage. This will provide you with further confirmation of the booked service. In case you want to cancel or reschedule, please inform us at least 24 hours before the appointment.

Is it possible to do localized massages? (e.g. only back or legs)

Absolutely yes.

Our treatments can be adapted to the specific needs of the Client.

Is it necessary to do treatments frequently to feel the benefits?

No, one treatment is enough to feel the benefits. Doing massages frequently, however, gives more lasting results.

What products do you use?

As per the customer's preference, we use a delicately scented massage cream with a floral essence (for hydrating and aromatherapy treatments) or an odorless moisturizing massage oil (for emollient and draining treatments). Thai massage, on the other hand, does not require the use of oils or creams and can also be done while clothed.

Is it possible to park nearby?

We usually recommend reaching us on foot but, if this is not possible, there are several garages nearby:

For Alkimia Customers it's possible to benefit from an agreement in the Garage San Pietro:

the 1st hour of parking costs only €2.

Contact us for more information.

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